World Market Environmental Store Audit

This project delves into the schemas, structures and categories that a company can implement to appeal to their target customers. During my spring semester in my junior year of college, my group members and I embarked on a task to map the different structural elements of World Market in Chapel Hill Shopping Center in Fort Worth.

My group members and I collaborated on tasks that detailed the typical customer demographic and its desires at World Market through observation of customer behavior at different peak hours as well as the environment of the store itself. This meant not only observing shoppers in their natural shopping environment but also paying close attention to the music being played, the amount of space allowed for customers to walk, the layout of the store and the order in which products were placed.

The slide deck we completed touches on the categorization structure of specific sets of furniture and the use of left-to-right store layout that subconsciously led customers to see every part of the store before leaving.

Click to view Environmental Audit- World Market.


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