Ali Haider

My name is Ali Haider and I am currently an undergraduate student at Texas Christian University in the Neeley School of Business and AddRan College of Liberal Arts. My major in the School of Business is Marketing and in the College of Liberal Arts my major is English. Moving around from Pennsylvania to Maryland to various cities in Texas, I have always had an interest in meeting new people and putting myself into new circumstances and organizations. Furthermore, I have grown up in a Pakistani family, visiting the country on many occasions. I like to connect my personal experiences as a Pakistani American with those of diverse backgrounds and environments in order to create a more universal outlook of things like marketing and literature. As result of my ethnic, educational and organizational experiences throughout this time, I developed a keen interest in reading and writing, specifically in the area of postcolonial literature. I hope to one day merge my marketing interests with my writing interests in new classroom and workplace environments so that I can complete my dream of marketing for writers, musicians, and record labels as well as one day becoming a published author myself.